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Hallmark Greeting Card Paper

Please, Please help me.  I am trying to purchase from you the Hallmark Greeting Paper.  I have never had this difficulty in finding it on line, and even phoning the number that was on my last invoice, I was told they do not know who I contact to get this, but try Google.

My brother, who last purchased the paper in June/July has also been trying to find out how to get this paper for me (and later for him).  Again with no success.

Do you not sell this anymore.  It is the type that is glossy one side and matt on the other, with a crease in the centre for easy folding.

Please answer me and let me know if this is still available.

Most sincerely

Joan Sheridan (Mrs)

Hello Joan,
thank you for leaving this post to our forum.

We don't offer Hallmark Greeting Paper any more.
This can be found on the North American website of Hallmark software

International shipping charges will apply and these don't cover customs release fees.

Kind regards,
Avanquest Support

Hi Joan

You can buy similar packs of blank greeting cards on eBay for quite a reasonable price. Look for "Laser printable glossy 250gsm blank greeting card A4/A5". The card is already scored for folding in half after it's printed, and the price includes envelopes. They're offered in packs of 25, 50 or 100.

Hope this helps!



I was guided through the installation process today by Bobby.
I must thank a very helpful gentleman with loads of patience.

Thanks again Phil