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How to use SmartScan ?

Just wondered if you could help me out.
I purchased your smartScan portable scanner in December for a Christmas present.
I cannot find out how to use it, and wondered if you could advise me. I am using windows 8 and want to scan direct to my computer. The instructions in the box are so small to read.
I have had quite a few items off you last year and have found them easy to use,  but the scanner very difficult.
I hope you can help me.

Hello Bernard,

thank you for posting this question on Avanquest 

Insert formatted MicroSD or MicroSDHC card into the appropriate slot of the scanner.

Then start the scanner by pressing on the silver button - SCAN

While in flat position drag the scanner through document (up to A4 size, regardless if the paper is coloured or black and white). Move the scanner from top to bottom in normal constant speed. While the scanner is in scanning mode there will be green sign in the middle of the display confirming that.
Once you've done scanning the page press on the SCAN button again to save the image in the card.

After you finish working with smartScan take out the card and plug it into computer or use the USB cable provided in the set to connect the scanner to computer then transfer all scanner images to save, edit or share.

Kind regards,

Avanquest Support

I have just received the smartscan pro w4s and do not know how to insert the batteries.

can you advise please? 

Hello Bernard,
thank you for posting this question on Avanquest UK forum webpage.

smartScan Pro is powered by 4 AAA alkaline batteries or directly through the USB cable.

Open the battery compartment by sliding the plastic door located on the top of the unit, insert the batteries in the correct orientation and close the door back firmly.

Switch on the unit and scan pictures, documents, newspapers, magazines, business cards and other.

All the best,
Avanquest Support 

I have just received my smartScan but (with the exception of the front page) I find the User Manual unreadable due to the tiny print used.  Could the manual can be made available in PDF format, downloadable from the website?  This would be particularly useful.,  

I have been a satisfied Avonquest customer over many years and have purchased numerous items during this period.  This is the first time that I've felt in any way let down.

The post above by Alex is helpful but it only covers a tiny fraction of the detail that appears to be contained in the manual.

Hello Albert,
thank you for posting this comment about smartScan 

Please find the user manual guide of smartScan Pro enclosed in PDF files attached to this post.
It is all fitted into one page so please zoom in and out to read easier the text.

Please let me know what if any questions about this computer accessory arise, I'll be happy to help.

Kind regards,
Avanquest Support team


Many thanks, Alex. 

However, when printed, this two-page manual is just as difficult to read as before.  I've edited the file, expanding it to eight pages.  When printed, the pages are easy to read.

The edited file is attached. I hope that others find it useful.


Am trying to order SmartScan Pro for £79 (instead of £109) as per your email 2 days ago. When I press 'order now' it shows 'your basket is empty', and when I click on the Pro picture it's all in French with the price £109.03. I want the Pro version for its Wifi feature.

How can I get it for the price in your email? What is wrong with your ordering system?

Hello Pete,
thank you for commenting under this topic line of Avanquest forum webpage.

Before following the email offer you've received, please check its expiry date, and make sure it is still active when attempting to order the product that is advertised. 

SmartScan is a computer accessory available to order from 
Avanquest web-store diretly.

Warm regards,
Avanquest Support team

How do you open battery door? You say slide top cover. Is there a catch to release it?


Hello Pete,
thank you very much for commenting.

Please slide the door of the battery compartment in the direction pointed with small triangle arrow.
There isn't release catch, it is self fit profile. 

Kind regards,
Avanquest Support team

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