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How to edit existing bookmarks ?

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Pages can be rearranged manually from the Page Preview tab by holding and dragging selected page.

Alternatively extract page by using the Extract tool in Edit module tab on the toolbar an save it as a temporary PDF file, then navigate to where you want to insert it on the document and from Insert module tab select Insert function, select option: From File, choose the document and where to place it, confirm and wait for the document to reload.

According to bookmarks open the side Bookmarks tab and add new bookmark (or use an existing one) then click with the right-hand-side mouse button on top of it, select to Add Action and if you want to select page where this bookmark will lead to – select Go to Page. This will bring you back to the PDF document, but the mouse cursor will appear changed to target mode press on the landing page and Add Action dialog box will come back up with number of the page to go to. Confirm with OK and edit or create next bookmark.

Save the PDF file to keep all changes.

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