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Putting the first floor and roof on the house

Dear Friends,
I'm seeking advice as a relatively novice user of Architect 3D. I'm trying to produce a set of drawings for the conversion of an old stone house in Scotland. The house is two floors, with dormer windows on the first floor. There are three of them on one side only. After drawing up the existing house then I'd draw second set of proposed conversions. See attached image. 

The problem I'm having in Architect 3D is putting the first floor and roof on the house. I can't simply put a first floor on and then the roof because the walls of the first floor would be just a couple of feet high before, internally, the ceilings slope to the ridge. Neither can I put a roof and dormer windows without setting the perimeter first floor walls first. I've marked on image approximate level of first floor.

I'm probably overlooking something obvious, but I'd appreciate any advice and guidance. Thanks in advance.

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