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How do I activate Expert PDF 10 / 11 / 12?

Your first opportunity to activate Expert PDF will be during your first installation. Select Click Here next to Already have a License? Note, Activate Now will not open the activation window.

We advise copying and pasting your license key in order to avoid making mistakes when entering your key. Make sure nothing is blocking the activation. Temporarily disable your firewall and antivirus. These may block Expert PDF from contacting our activation servers.

After you have gone through the Setup Wizard for the first time, you will not see it again unless you install Expert PDF on a new computer.

You can activate Expert PDF at any time. Open Expert PDF and go to the Activate Module. Click on Enter License Key.

Enter your license key into the window below, then click Validate.

You will see a window as the license key is validated.

Please be patient, your activation will soon be successful.

When you activation is successful you will see the window below.

Kind regards,

Support Expert PDF

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