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DVD to PC compatibility

 Is the DVD to PC software compatible with U.S. hardware?

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Hello Tom,

thank you for leaving this question on Avanquest UK discussion forum.

I presume you refer to VHS to DVD Converter v2 software. If I presume correctly, then I confirm that the capturing device and software work with NTSC analogue television system standard signals and your U.S hardware equipment will be compatible. Sadly VHS to DVD Converter v2 offered on Avanquest UK web-store is computer accessory only dispatched to addresses on the territory of the UK and Ireland. However you may order it from Avanquest France with international shipping method. The software is features multi-language interface (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German) which can be selected before the installation and also later while working with the software.

Kind regards,
Avanquest UK Support team

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