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McAfee security software quarantined Avanquest download

My McAfee security software immediately caught and quarantined Avanquest's PC Speed Maximiser 4 when I tried to download the trial version. This is the second time I have had problems with Avanquest software (last time was in March with Fix It  Utilities). Is anyone else having these issues and if so how have you dealt with it?


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Hello David,
thank you for opening this topic.

Both Fix It Utilities and PC Speed Maximizer are software related to computer system management. It is normal some computer protection programs to quarantine such software and wait for user interaction and further action. Avanquest software is clean of any virus - 
My advise is to check computer protection program’s virus signature database is updated to its latest release and lower its sensitivity one step. Then try again to download and install the software.

Antivirus and firewall software play an important role in computer security. However, these applications may prevent software from downloading, installing, or patching correctly. Disabling or temporarily uninstalling your security software can help resolve these issues. If you are not comfortable configuring or uninstalling computer' security software, contact the security software's technical support department for assistance. They may be able to help you configure their product to not interfere with future software installation and patching.

Kind regards,
Avanquest Support team

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