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Changing the displayed thumbnail image in a pop-up image

Hi Can anyone help please.

I have inserted a pop up roll over image in my site, I have changed the image to the what I want displayed but can't manage to change the original Fish image inserted with the action button.



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Hello David,
thanks for posting on Avanquest UK forum webpage.

To replace an image placeholder:

1        Select the image placeholder to replace.

2        Click the Insert and Modify tab.

3        In the Modify section, click Image > Replace Image.

4        In the Choose Image dialog box, locate and select an image.

To limit the types of images shown, select a specific image type in the File type list.

5        Click Open.

You can also replace an image by dragging an image from the Media Gallery on top of the selected image placeholder. Make sure to select the placeholder first so that the handles appear around the edge of the placeholder. 

Kind regards,
Avanquest Support team

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