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120,000 Clipart images CD_ROM never worked for me

 Pc  CD-ROM clipart 3CD-ROM SET doesn't install anytime or I can't see any cliparts

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Hello Alka,
thank you for posting on Avanquest UK support forum webpage.

Compatible computer operating systems are listed on the back of the disc box. Please install the disc on compatible computer system: Windows Me, Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows 2000

Fully updated Windows 10 (also Vista, 7 and 8) come equipped with great feature to run older software in compatibility mode, see this article here for detailed information. 

Firstly please clean the disc surface with a soft cloth and insert it into the optical drive of the computer. Now try to troubleshoot the program in order to run under Windows 10. 

If this doesn't help then try to run the setup file as Administrator. Click using the right-hand-side mouse button on top of 120,000 Clipart setup file in the optical disc drive and select option Run as Administrator (if such option is not present press Properties then select option Compatibility and tick box in section Privilege Level or Settings, then save and close with OK). This should help the program to start normally. 

As a third approach try opening the images manually. With the CD in the drive, open Internet Explorer

Go to File > Open

Browse the CD drive

Run file INDEX.HTM

This page will now open in Internet Explorer

As there are lots of images and graphics loaded on the disc it takes time for all to be copied onto the local hard disc. While files are being copied the progress bar may not indicate development, but the disc will remain spinning. Please be patient as this process may take up to 40 minutes. Once all files are copied the progress bar will start filling up and show development.

Please let me know how it goes and if you need further assistance.

Kind regards,
Avanquest Support team

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