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trouble exporting as a jpg

I've been using print artists 24 for a year now and all of a sudden it wont let me export my art work a jpg can anyone help

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Hello Lorraine,
thank you for posting this question on Avanquest UK forum webpage.

Initially save all work created with Print Artist and try to reinstall the software. Remove it from Control Panel and shut down the computer, then power it up again and install the software on compatible computer system. To use Print Artist, you must have a computer that meets the following specifications:

Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7

• 2.4 GHz or faster Intel® Pentium® IV-compatible processor

• 512 MB RAM

• 8 GB of available hard disk space (for the disc version)

400 MB of available hard disk space (for the ESD version)

• DVD drive (for the disc version)

• Internet access (required for the ESD version, recommended for the disc version)

 Print Artist also requires Microsoft .NET Framework, version 3.5 or later. If it’s not available on your system, the installer installs it during a standard installation.

Print Artist 24 allows you to export a project as a JPEG, HTML or PDF file.

JPEG files are graphic files that can be viewed in web browsers and photo-editing programs.

When you export a project as a JPEG file, Print Artist creates a separate graphic for each panel, page or item in the project. It

uses the provided file name and a number (for example, BirthdayCard001.jpg, BirthdayCard002.jpg, and so on).

To export a project as a JPEG file:

1. Choose File > Export as JPG.

2. In the Save As dialog box, open a folder for the files.

3. Type a name for the graphic(s) in the File name box.

4. Click Save.

You are shown the file to verify whether the project exported correctly.

You can export a graphic from a project and save it as a file to use in another program.

For example, you can export a logo you created to use on your web site.

To export a graphic as a file:

1. Select the graphic.

You can select more than one graphic; however, Print Artist saves all selected graphics in one file.

2. Choose Object > Export Object(s).


3. In the Save As Graphic dialog box, locate and open the folder for the graphic file.

4. In the File name box, type a name for the graphic file.

5. Select the file type in the Save as type list.

6. If available, specify options for the file type.

7. Click Save.

Use PhotoPower (separate program to Print Artist) to edit photo images in various file formats (BMP, DIB, GIF, JPEG/JPG, PCX, PNG, TGA and TIF/TIFF ).

Kindest regards,
Avanquest Support team

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