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Online TV 13

Can I use in one PC and one laptop with the single purchase?


I also like to have it in my Samsung smartphone. What is the usage streaming memory rate - is it 225MB per hour?

Where can I download for Android base smartphone to get the 'Online TV 13'?


Thanking you.  Regards.  Dr. A. K. Kundu.

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Dear Dr. Kundu,
thank you for posing this question on Avanquest forum webpage.

One licence will register onlineTV 13 on one computer. Order two licence by increasing the quantity to two in shopping basket before completing the order. High-speed internet connection is recommendable. As usage it depends on how much time you spend watching. The majority of live-streams and broadcast TV stations are in SD quality with high compression, so roughly it will be around 100 MBs per hour video.

According to Online TV for Android device it requires Anytime licence on Avanquest web-store we offer Plus licence.
Then install onlineTV on your Windows PC and activate it. Enter your e-mail and activate the option "Activate Android App".

Now start the Android App, click on the Menu-Item on the top and select "Register App". Enter the same e-Mail as you register in your Windows Version.

About onlineTV Anytime licence it includes all future Windows versions. It's a lifetime license. If a new version of the Windows Version is released, you can download and use it; without paying for it. onlineTV Anytime also includes an onlineTV @ Android License.

Kind regards,
Avanquest Support team

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