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Spyware 4

Hello, my name is Alan recently i installed spyware 4 onto my computer, it did a complete scan and then to fix i had to buy the program. As being a pensioner i can't afford a program like that so i uninstalled it. After the uninstall it asked me to reboot computer, i did this and then computer became really slow.

Can someone please advise on what to do to get computer back to how it was.

Thank You


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Hello Alan,
Thanks for posting such question on Avanquest UK forum webpage.

Windows computer operating system is equipped with useful implemented tools that would help you to restore the computer to earlier state.

Please read this article here about recovery options in Windows 10.

What was the reason to install clean up software on the computer on first place ? 
I'm not finding any record of Spyware 4. Did you meant to say SpyHunter 4? Spyware is remote computer assistance package offered by EnigmaSoftware.

Kind regards,
Avanquest Support team

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