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Renderable text

When ever I try to use OCR with Expert PDF I get the error message 'Could not perform recognition on this page because this page contains renderable text. My printer/scanner is an Epson SX535WD with a TWAIN driver. Please advise me as to how I can fix this.

Hi Tony,

thanks for posting on Avanquest UK support forum web-page.

Creating PDF Files with Searchable Text in Expert PDF Professional 9 is possible only with WIA or TWAIN device with compatible driver for the according computer operating system. Please download and install the latest from this link here. Then use an existing scanned document or scan a document in and then have Expert PDF recognize the text, or have Expert PDF recognize text as it scans the image.

To scan a document to search for text in it:
1.  On the Home tab, click Create PDF. 

2.  In the Create PDF dialog box, click Scan. 

3.  When the scanner’s window opens, scan the document. (See your scanner’s documentation for details ) 

4.  After the document is scanned, scroll through the PDF file in the workspace to check the quality. 

5.  Save the document as a PDF file. 

To recognize text in a scanned document:
1.  Open a PDF version of the scanned document. 

2.  On the OCR tab, if necessary, specify a different language for recognizing text. 

3.  Specify whether to analyze the Current Page only, All Pages, or a page range. 

For a page range, click Selection, specify a page range, and possibly a Subset.
4.  Click Recognize Text. 

5.  When the OCR process completes, save the PDF file. 

To scan and analyze text automatically:
1.  Create a new, blank PDF file. 

2.  Click the OCR tab, set the options for analyzing the text. 

3.  Click Scan And Recognize Text. 

4.  When the scanner’s window, scan the document. (See your scanner’s documentation for details ) 

5.  When the OCR process completes, save the PDF file. 

To find text in a scanned document:
1.  Press Shift+CTRL+F. 

2.  Type the text to find in the Enter search word/phrase box. 

3.  For a case-sensitive search, select the Case-Sensitive check box. 

4.  Click Search. 

5.  When Expert PDF Professional shows where that text occurs in the scanned document, either double-click an entry or select the entry and press Return. 

Kindest regards,
Avanquest Support team

Thanks for your quick reply, but I am still having problems. On the Home tab I clicked Create PDF and selected Scan. Another box headed Add picture from scanner or printer appeared and I again selected Scan. A scan complete message appeared and the filename of a Tif file I then highlighted the file and selected Create PDF. A blank PDF appeared. The Text recognition would not work on a blank file. I then opened a PDF file produced independently by my scanner and tried to launch OCR. I got the message that Expert PDF could not perform task because this page contains renderable text. My scanner has the latest TWAIN drivers. I purchased my Software new from Ebay and my laptop is a New Lenovo ideapad 510 with windows 10 preloaded.

Hello Tony,
thanks for replying.
Expert PDF 9 is compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP
Sadly not with Windows 10, so it may not function as designed even under compatibility mode.
According to the blank page I presume the file was scanned in high DPI set and what you see as a result is the upper left corner of the scanned image. In this case use object select tool and click in the middle of the page so the object container with image gets bordered with red line, then shrink it so it fits the page size. Alternatively change the size of the page from tab Insert and Edit on the toolbar, section Pages:


On Windows 10 I recommend the latest Expert PDF version.
In case you persist to experience difficulties, please send the PDF file over for closer investigation.

Kindest regards,
Avanquest Support team


Regrettably neither fix works and it seems that Expert PDF Version 9.0.270 is not compatible with Windows 10. In fairness, the software description on the package only claims to work with Windows version 8, 7, and Vista so it is my fault assuming that it would also be suitable for Windows 10.I am aware that your version 10 claims to be compatible, but I am reluctant to spend more money on a package that I would not use very often. I have downloaded a free Microsoft OCR App that is very basic, but works well for my needs.

I am genuinely grateful for the efforts that you have put in to trying to solve my problem and wish you all the best for the future.

Kind Regards


The only part of Expert PDF that I want is the OCR package and I have discovered that this is only available in the Ultimate version. I was kindly sent a 50% promotional discount code but when I tried to use it, I got the message that it had expired. I have recently sent 2 emails to the support team and have not had a reply.

I am now using the Microsoft OCR app which is a bit primitive but is free.

Hi Tony, sincere apologies for this inconvenience caused. Please use promo code AG0350 instead.
Kind regards,
Avenaquest Support 

Problem Solved by Buying Expert PDF version 10 Ultimate Edition. This works well in Windows 10

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