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Print labels in Hallmark Card Studio

I have sent an e-mail to the Avanquest team but they have asked me to send you a query!!

I have made a small address book to practice but then I cannot seem to print off my labels.  My verson is Card  Studio Delux 2014 (I have only just purchased it from Avanquest).

My Operating system is Windows 10.

Please help.  

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Hello Margaret,
thank you for posting on Avnaquest forum website.

When you open a label, envelope, or postcard in Art Studio, you can replace the default address with one from the Event Planner Address Book. The Address Book button and fields are only available for labels, envelopes, and postcards. You must have recipients available in the Event Planner Address

Book before you can add any names.

To replace the default address in a selected text object:

1 Click the Address Book button on the Text toolbar.

2 In the Add Address dialog box, specify the name (and address) to use from the Use a Single Address list.

3 Click OK.

4 If necessary, adjust the text frame and format the text as you wish.

You can also add more than one name and address from the Address Book to a project by clicking the Addresses button (for example, to create mailing labels for a mass mailing). You then add address fields to the design from the Edit Replaceable Fields dialog box. You can add Address Book fields also by clicking the AB-Fields button in the Add Text dialog box, which appears for labels and envelopes.

Kind regards,
Avanquest Support

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