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Invalid Pointer Operation Error


Hi, one of my company's PC with Expert PDF 9 couldn't convert document file to pdf and it give this error "FATAL: Exception: Invalid pointer operation".

This PC has been operating with this software without issue for many months and it suddenly fail today.

Can anyone advice how can I fix this ?

Thank you.

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Hello Chee,
thanks for opening this topic on Avanquest forum webpage.

Keep in mind that Expert PDF 9 is designed to work on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista.

If you've managed to keep Expert PDF 9 after moving to Windows 10, it may report fatal error depending on the PDF source. This has been reported since the last release of Asian font pack by Adobe which may be missing in your computer system. Please close Expert PDF and Acrobat Reader then download and install this Extended Language PackRestart the computer and try again to convert the file to PDF format.

If working with MS Office 2007 or later please after designing your PDF file try to use menu File > Export > Create PDF to save PDF instead.

My recommendation for PDF editing software fully compatible with Windows 10 is Expert PDF 10 edition Professional or Ultimate.

Have a lovely day,
Avanquest Support

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