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Uninstalling VHS 2 DVD Converter

I cannot get VHS2DVD to work . When I click Capture to start, I get no audio device to click on.  I have tried to uninstall and start again but cannot uninstall as the system cannot find the correct path. Any hel;p?

Hi Robert!
Thank you for posting this topic on Avanquest forum website.

Did Windows 10 upgrade apply while VHS 2 DVD Converter was already installed on the computer system ?
This or other major update of Windows may detach the registry of VHS to DVD Converter. Please use RevoUninstaller to remove any trace of VHS 2 DVD converter software and restart the computer before downloading the latest build of the VHS 2 DVD Converter from this link here.

Before installing the software please perform the following steps:

Close all Avanquest software and download the following patch
Double click on the patch to run it, then message will appears in French stating that no errors are found, click on OK to close (full article is available here)

Now install it and use the same activation key to register the software onto this computer. If you need further assistance please send an email to

Kind regards,
Avanquest Support

I have the same problem but RevoUninstaller demands payment which I am not prepared to do. Please tell me how to uninstall without having to make further payment.

I am having problems finding the serial number for VHS to DVD converter version 2. It doesn't say anything on the box, book nor anywhere else. Please tell me where I could find the User name and serial number, I did create an account but still nothing... Please give me my serial number.


Hello Robert,
thank you replying under this topic of Avanquest UK forum webpage.

There is no need to make further payment. The suggested edition of RevoUninstaller is full featured trial version and suits the purpose perfectly without purchasing licence. If you like the program please order a licence, if you don't like it you may remove it from the list of installed software in Control Panel after using it to remove the detached components of VHS to DVD Converter with Windows Registry.

If you find it difficult to operate with RevoUninstaller, please manually navigate to local disc C: and search for VHS to DVD Converter folder by default located in Program Files folder inside Avanquest folder. On 32-bit systems this folder will be Program Files, and on 64-bit systems the folder is Program Files (x86)
VHS to DVD Converter folder and restart the computer, then go back to Control Panel and remove what is left of VHS to DVD Converter software in the list of installed programs.
Again restart the computer and now use the disc and licence to freshly install VHS to DVD Converter, attach the USB hardware device and transfer VHS tapes into editable video files.

Please let me know how it goes.

Kindest regards,
Avanquest Support team

Hello Aakifah,

thanks for posting this question on Avanquest UK support forum webpage, please post questions related to the topic. If necessary to contact the support team submit a ticket or start new topic.

User name is your own name. According to the licence number for VHS to DVD Converter software is sequence of numbers and symbols separate by hyphen in six groups. It is printed on a sticker on the back of the CD sleeve of the disc for VHS to DVD Converter software. If the product was bought second hand or from reseller and not directly from Avanquest UK web-store, please enquire with the relevant personnel. It is always best to order directly from Avanquest UK web-store, please contact customer service via online chat or email at if have questions about the product.

If you'd like me to investigate this further, please send me proof of purchase at

Kindest regards,
Avanquest Support team

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