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The Hallmark Trade mark on the back of the card

I am not happy with making my own cards and also not being able to delete the Hallmark logo on the back of the cards. How do I delete this.


Pam McDonald           

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Hello Pamela,
thank you for opening this topic.

The Hallmark logo can be removed from the back of a card project, starting with Hallmark Card Studio 2006. To remove the logo:

Launch the Hallmark Card Studio software.

Click the Tools menu. You will see that there is a check mark next to the Display Logos on Back of Card option. This indicates that it is on.

Select the Display Logos on Back of Card option. This will turn it off. To verify this, click the Tools menu and make sure the check mark is no longer next to it.

Note: You will be unable to remove the logo from the back of the card in Hallmark Card Studio 2005. If you wish to have a card without the logo, you will need to start with a blank card project in the Art Studio.

All the best,
Avanquest Support

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