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problems with fix-it working

hi I m having problems downloading fix-it,

it just comes up with start up commander was unable to read configuration for drivers,

and also I have tried so many times now iv downloaded it too many times so its not letting me do it any more please can you help

thanks tara blair 

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Hello Tara,
thank you for opening new topic on Avanquest forum website.

The StartUpCommander is normally prevented from accessing computer drivers information by computer's protection software. In most cases by McAfee software. Download the latest version of Fix-It Utilities from this link here.

Now that the file has been corrupted follow these steps below to replace software dynamic library file, then continue using the software as before:

1. Next to the clock in the lower right corner of the screen click the system tray icon with the spanner then select option Shut down SystemSuite/Fix-It Utilities


2. Replace the StartupCommanderEngine.dll file located in the application install directory (default location on 32-bit system type is C:\ProgramFiles\Avanquest\SystemSuite\ or C:\ProgramFiles\Avanquest\Fix-It Utilities\) with this one here.

3. Reboot the PC

This should help the software to persist working normally.

In case you need further assistance please contact out Technical support team by sending direct email to

Kindest regards,

Avanquest Support 

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