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Poser 10 installed on Windows 10 but will not startup

Got a Poser 10 CDROM from Amazon. Seems to load ok (Though it took a while....) but will not start up. (Python a problem according to a pop up).

Will it work as I understand it does when Windows 10 upgrade applied to PC? Please help!

Hello Malcolm,
thank you for posting this question on Avanquest forum webpage.

Avanquest is a pure distributor for SmithMicro' software - Poser 10.
The disc version of Poser 10 (PC/Mac) has system requirements printed on the back of the disc box and is designed to work on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X

If you have questions regarding the software that aren't already answered in the FAQ page here, please create an account on SmithMicro website here and submit contact the support team directly. 

Kindest regards,
Avanquest Support

re above - Actually solved by my son who got it working in about 10 minutes

Hello Malcolm,

I'm glad Poser 10 is up and running. Normally fully updated Windows 10 comes equipped with this great feature to run older software in compatibility mode, see this article here for detailed information. 

Please use the manual included in the software or these tutoring videos to learn how to operate it. 

All the best,
Avanquest Support team.

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