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Hallmark Deluxe 2017 ungroup clipart?

I understand the above software is available for Windows 10.  I did have Hallmark Card Studio 2016 and didn't like it.  Can I ungroup the clipart in the 2017 deluxe version?  

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Hello and thank you for posting this question on Avanquest forum webpage.

In all version and editions of Hallmark software, grouping and un-grouping objects, is done by marking two or more objects on the workspace while holding down the Shift button on the keyboard and then go to toolbar menu Object > Arrange > Group / Ungroup option
Keyboard shortcut is key combination of two buttons: Ctrl+I to create group of objects and for already grouped objects use Ctrl + U to separate.

Clip Art feature of Hallmark Card Studio includes single image files that can be edited in PhotoPower implemented tool.
These aren't predefined grouped objects and can't be un-grouped, unless two or more have been put into one group at first.

Happy festive season,
Avanquest Support

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