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Is Avanquest a scam?

 After hundreds of HARD EARNED DOLLARS AND HUNDREDS OF HOURS spent on various software titles from Advanquest (mainly Driver Genius 16),  I find they have no support of any type.  Advanquest sells software that sounds great and advertises fantastic things but,  NONE do as stated!  MONEY taken within MILLI SECONDS but turn out to be a type of 'fly-by night' scam, ABSOLUTELY no support to get help with issues these software titles cause and NO WAY to get a refund.  PayPal or credit card companies will take 6 months to research and get your money back.  Advanquest should be investigated for serious the Internet scam.  Has anyone else had terrible experiences with or from Advanquest software and what can be done to get refunds or support?  Mainly a UK theft ring?

Dear Mr Seagraves,
thank you for leaving your comment on Avanquest forum website.

I'm sorry to read these words. Avanquest company isn't scam.
Please let me know how could I be of service to you?

Avanquest was established in 1984, the company has made innovation the core of its business, relying on its teams of engineers scattered throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

Software developed by us goes through certified process of approval.

Software that we distribute are reliable and high-quality products developed by expert software engineers.

Avanquest legal information is publicly available on our website.

Happy festive season,
Avanquest Support

It might not be a scam in the legal sense, but the IT and telecoms trade generally is  very arrogant and self-satisfied. It is very keen to sell you products and services; but is inaccessible in any direct, meaningful way even for simple non-technical questions, and fobs off technical questions with set lists and fora like this one. (These save the company the labour of writing proper training or instruction manuals in the first place!)

I wanted simply to ask if one of their UK agents is current, and if so, to verify the e-post address. I did not expect to have to "register" with Avanquest and go through all this rigmarole, when a simple 'phone call or e-post to Avanquest's UK office would have sufficed.

Trying to find a TurboCAD agent by other routes, I did discover two things in answer to this question:

1) TurboCad is not published by Avanquest as I'd thought, but the latter may not be a scam as asked in the OP.

2) Avanquest is actually a retailer, buying software from its manufacturers and re-selling it, similarly really to what W.H.SMITHS does for books & magazines in real shops, and Amazon does for everything you don't need but can't do without, on-line. One result is that it cannot be expected to handle technical enquires: it knows nowt about the software and its purposes.

If Avanquest looks fraudulent, that may be due to its refusal to publish any contact details (beyond those absolutely necessary for sales), and to its severe restrictions on the scope of enquiries to it.

Hello Nigel,

thank you for submitting this post.
Please allow me to clarify and simplify it Avanquest is re-seller of TurboCAD software in the UK. This software is developed and published by IMSI Design. Paul the CAD is an expert in the field of CAD software, you may find his advise very useful on how to use the software.

Installation problems with TurboCAD software please take to Avanquest Technical support team at 
Web-store customer service department can reached at 0800 011 2312 or via email to

Avanquest UK registration information is publicly available on web-store's Terms and Conditions page here, also see Discover Avanquest section here.

Avanquest develops, resales and retails software all available on our web-store page. If you would like to become reseller, please fulfil this form here.

Let me know if I could be of further assistance.

Kindest regards,
Avanquest Support

It seems Advanquest UK steals the hard earned money from America and does not offer support, only a bogus/fictitious link. They use the 'statement' that since the product was purchased in the U.S. (but we stole your money),  from the UK,  no refunds.  No way to get any help or money back.  NEVER OPEN AN ADVANQUEST E-MAIL FROM THE UK THAT OFFERS  GREAT PRICES FOR CRAP SOFTWARE THAT IS ADVERTISED AS FANTASTIC.  Use a local reseller that will offer a refund.  ADVANQUEST UK IS A SCAM AS SHOWN THROUGHOUT THE INTERNET.  BEWARE OF ADVANQUEST SOFTWARE!

Anyone looking at the many complaints about Advanquest UK will see that they are a scam and internet fraud.  It is very simple to place 'fictitious' statements in a fraudulent scam web site.  ADVANQUEST UK IS ASSOCIATED WITH THE LOTTERY SCAMS THAT ORIGINATE IN THE UK OR AUSTRAILIA.  Always us a United States registered and recognized reseller that offers either a refund or support.  Thousands of dollars to Advanquest lost. Facebook and Twitter friends please spread the word Internationally to avoid ANY product from Advanquest UK.  DON'T be fooled by the fraudulent advertising for the many software titles that are sold at a reasonable cost,  IT COSTS MORE IN FRUSTRATION, OUTSIDE SUPPORT ($100 hr), locked up P.C.s, phone time, and ruined CDs and DVDs.

Hello Harry. Thank you for posting again. Avanquest isn't scam. Please let me know how could I be of service?

All the best,
Avanquest Support

Any company that steals a person's money by way of fraudulent products or offers IS A SCAM!!  Advanquest and it's money laundering partner is a scam.  How many others have lost hard earned money through Advanquest?  Hundreds or maybe thousands?  No support, no phone (except to steal money), no address and no police agency can locate ANY information about Advanquest!  Is it so difficult to offer refunds for products that don't do anything as advertised or stated? 

Hello Harry,
please help me to locate your order so I can assist you. I've sent two emails to you, please reply back to at least one.

Avanquest isn't scam company. If you are calling from outside the UK and Ireland, please dial 0044800 011 2312

Customer service is available to your disposal via email or online chat on Avanquest UK website. 
Avanquest UK offers 15 days return policy.

Avanquest UK registered address is available in Terms and Conditions article here 

If you are based in the United States of America, we recommend you to shop at our US site: Customer service contacts are available in this useful article here.

All the best,
Avanquest Support

Hi guys,

I am so glad to not be the only one feeling SCAMMED... I legally purchased ArchiCad 3D software through Avanquest and installed it successfully only to find it cannot be be re-installed without an additional license after I had a computer malfunction which required a total rebuild and re-installation. Apart from a telephone number, which by the way is not operational if you try and phone from New Zealand, there is no other way of contacting Avanquest as the on-line form does not even open......

Talk about rubbish for client service.. This is on the top end of being a rip-off.

(31.4 KB)

I was also a victim of the scam practice! buying Audials "theysent me the download and later the license and key code = never received!!......seznded several messages and mails! ...aways the same stupid "document form" to fill in!...never got any answer!!!...scammers ! iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii        (I have proof of my payment)

Hello Frans,
thank you for posting this message.

I'm very sorry to read these lines and make you feel that way. Avanquest is pure and fair online software distributor.

According to order UD96DSST for Architect 3D software. It can be only licensed on one computer. If you need to install the software on another computer, please order it again. According to the error message reported it is due to the latest major updated to Windows and it has been answered in the FAQ section -

Contact details with the support team are mentioned at the bottom of the order confirmation email. Support team is available to contact on Avanquest website, through direct email to or by phone +442380000475 

I remain available at your disposal.

Warm regards,
Avanquest Support team

Hello Robbie,
thank you for posting this comment on Avnaquest forum webpage.

I'm sorry for this inconvenience caused. It saddens me to read such words.

I searched orders database using your name and email address and no orders for Audials software were found.

Avanquest is pure retailer of Audials software. Please provide me with the proof of payment by sending it as attached file to so I can investigate this request further.

I look forward to receive your email.

Best regards,
Avanquest Support team

I have just requested a refund for a payment made for software called InPixio Photo Maximizer 3.

It was sold with a 30-day GUARANTEED refund if not entirely satisfied. Payment had to go to Avanquest - who insist on a 15-day 'return' - so my claim is not recognised. I am waiting for further communication - but it's not looking good right now... 

Hello John Redeker,

Thank you for commenting.

Avanquest offers 30 days return policy. The quickest way to return order for electronic software bought on Avanquest web-store is by contacting customer service here on this help-portal. Best way is to submit your enquiry through this form.
According to your order UEEE35K6 for InPixio Photo Maximizer 3 + Photo eRaser 6 placed on 30th of August 2017. It has been fully refunded as per your request on 28th of September.

Kind regards,
Avanquest Support team

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