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Unable to access my family tree ....

I have an old Family tree v3 & cannot open it now on a new computer, Inspiron 2350.

Tech support in 2011 very kindly gave me a link to open in my web browser & download a zipped copy of Family Tree v3 (I had v2).

Can anybody help?


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Hello Elton and thank you for opening new topic on Avanquest forum webpage.

Best would be to locate the email with the attached file as it includes instructions to follow according to the certain scenario at that time.

If this email is obsolete, please download the zip file from this link here. Keep in mind that Family Tree is no longer supported software designed to work on Windows 98 only.

I recommend moving to newer version of Ancestry's Family Tree Maker software.

If you would like to start using Family Tree software compatible with recent versions of Windows (Windows 8.1 on Inspiron 2350), please contact McKiev software or Ancestry with quote for the best suitable software for the purpose.

Best regards,
Avanquest Support

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