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Postage of 5,99 £

Why am I being charged £5:99 shipping when it clearly states free shipping on orders £30 and over Wanted to buy the SmartScan @£55:20.



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Same problem. My order 1071040057 was for £140 and I was still charged postage although I thought the terms clearly stated post was free over £30. Having said that, I have several softwares from Avanquest and find them very good.

I also would like to know why



This company does not seem to know there is a major difference between an accessory and a peripheral, they agree it is a peripheral so clearly not an accessory so should not attract a postage charge.


The item is NOT an accessory as it can be used without any external input or connection completely stand alone even to the point of not requiring loadable software.

Extremely misleading,

Trust is lost,

Brian Caughey

Hello Brian, hello Frederick, hello Jeniffer.
Thank you both for posting on our forum webpage.

Free delivery applies to all boxed orders except accessories. All accessories are dispatched using standard delivery method.

This service costs 5,99 £ and it is state in shopping basket. See all accessories offered by Avanquest in UK on this page here.

Please contact us if you have further questions, we'll be happy to provide you with adequate answer.

Kind regards,
Avanquest Support

Hello Brian,

free shipping over 30£ applies only for boxed software. Being peripheral device doesn't exclude SmartScan from the accessory list as it provides access to scanned documents and images for further digital editing and sharing.

Best regards,

Avanquest Support

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