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Poser Debut not working on windows 10

not working on windows 10

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Hello again Peter,

Poser Debut - The Fun Way to Learn 3D is designed only to work with Windows: 7, Vista and XP; See the complete list of system requirements printed on the back of the disc box or on Smith Micro website here. I recommend to install the software on compatible computer system.

Please contact SmithMicro for further instructions how to utilise Poser Debut on incompatible computer system.

Most likely technician shall supply alternative download manager that you can activate with the licence bought with the disc.

Kindest regards,
Avanquest Support

i am sending you some info about my computer my laptop is hp  where will I find what version of poser I am using the one I have got is poser debut the fun way to learn 3d

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Hello Peter,
thanks for replying.

I need more information according to the system and the software in order to assist you.

Could you please tell me more about the computer system and what version of Poser Debut you've got, where was it bought from ?

If you would like to continue our discussion via direct emails, please let me know or add note to this ticket here.

Kindest regards,
Avanquest Support

thank you for replying back to me I wonder if you could  sort it out for me I have allowed permission in the fire wall don't know if I doing it right I was realy looking forword to using this poser debut  can you do any thing from your end so as it will work

Hello Peter,
thank you for leaving this post with Avanquest.

We are official retailer of Poser Debut in UK. The software developer prefers to handle technical issues directly. Please log into your SmithMicro account and submit technical support request, if there isn't available solution in the FAQ database.

The software will ask to contact the remote server to authenticate the licence and download necessary content. That is why Windows informs about granting the software with permissions through the firewall. It is a safe software, so you can allow access to the internet on both network types.

I would recommend to install all Windows updates that are pending to install, also to update computer's protection program database to its latest.
Then restart the computer and install Poser Debut by clicking with the right hand side mouse button on the setup file and select option Run as Administrator.

Avanquest Technical support team can be reached directly via email to

Kind regards,
Avanquest Support

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