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File Formats on Saving

Just downloaded and installed InPixio Photo Focus. Saving a sharpened file defaults to Serif PhotoPlus Associated Picture (with a long list of file types in brackets) and saves as .bmp not .jpg as suggested in the blurb. I can change the name but not the file type. It then won't open in Photoshop Elements v10.

Hello Paul,
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Below is a screen snippet of the file formats that InPixio Photo Focus saves as: 


The software uses JPEG and TIFF image compression methods. You can manually alter the file extension abbreviation.

According to image formats that InPixio Photo Focus can open, please take a look in this screen snippet:


PhotoShop Elements 10 can import images without problem. To import into the Organizer:

1. Open Photoshop Elements and, in the welcome screen, click the Organize button to open the Organizer.

2. In the Organizer, choose File > Get -Photos and Videos > From Camera or Card Reader (or press Ctrl+G/Command-G). The Photo Downloader application launches.
3. Click the Get Media button to download the selected images to your computer.

4. After the images have been imported, click the one you want to edit and then open it in the Editor by right-clicking and choosing Edit with Photoshop Elements Editor; or, click the Fix tab in the Panel Bin and choose one of the editing options there 

Let me know if you need further assistance.
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Sorry, but I'm not given the choice of formats to save. Screen dump attached.

(1.09 MB)

Hi Paul,
thank you for replying.

Even if Serif PhotoPlus is installed on the computer and set a default program to view image files.

You can still type in after the name of the image the file extension of your preference.

For instance: when saving this particular image with InPixio Photo Focus and the automatic name is given as IMG_0321_edited-1_bw_cropped_Modified simply add .bmp or .jpg at the end so it looks like this: IMG_0321_edited-1_bw_cropped_Modified.bmp then press on Save button.

I'll be glad to help you further if needed.

Kind regards,
Avanquest Support

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