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Only received one CD

I have received a CD Backup for one program but not the other.

ORDER NUMBER: 1070532695*

I have the PrintMastyer CD but the Driver Genius was nopt in the packet.

Hello Sigmund,
thank you for leaving this comment about your order of InPixio Photo Clip 7

After placing you order you've received privcate email to the email address provided by you.
In this email is enclosed download link along with activation code to register the software on one computer.

By default the link will remain open to use for one month or ten attmpts to download. If you need this link to remain open for longer period of time there is paid option available in basket called Extended Download Period that will keep the link available for two years.
According to the backup disc due to secirity reasons it doesn't include the licence key for the software burned onto the disc. So in case of the disc being lost, nobody else can activate the software, but the holder of the licence.
Find the licence you've bought in the email confirmation of your order. In case you have lost the original email confirmation, please look up your order here

Kind regards,
Avanquest Support

I bought Photo Clip 7.0 Professional online for download while on holiday. The download didn't work for one reason or another. I also bought a Backup CD which I found when I returned home. I have installed it but I need the serial number/activation code to get the program working. So please send whatever I need to get the program working.

regards Sigmund Karlstrøm

Hello Ronald,
thank you for posting on Avanquest forum page.

There is one backup disc despatched per order. It will contain the setup files for all software in this order.

Please browse the content of the disc with File Explorer and install all software you've bought.

Due to security reasons the activation licence numbers will not be included in the backup disc.
These licence keys will be emailed to your privately.

You can also access your Avanquest account and send these keys to your registered email address, in case the original order confirmation email is no longer present.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Kind regards,
Avanquest Support 

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