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Web Easy Published web site looks almost nothing like the preview

I have been using web easy for some 9 years.

I update a web site every month.

This month, all the pages are all over the place.... picures not in right place, some completely missing etc.

I have tried most things bit now completely stumped. 

Hello Phil,
thank you for posting this message on our forum.

Because WebEasy enables you to do so much with your website, the HTML files that you build can be quite complex. Some older browsers cannot handle that complexity.

Try altering your document design to reduce its complexity. One way of doing this is to avoid having items that overlap. If you do not want to alter your design, you can try viewing your website in other browsers or upgrading to a newer version of the browser you are using.

You should remember that even though some browsers display your website without problems, others might not — and visitors might use those other browsers. You should try to create a website that can be viewed without problems with as many different browsers as possible.

See how your website would look like on different web-browsers and monitor sizes on this useful webpage here.

Please reply on the ticket affiliated with this post here in case you need further assistance.

All the best,
Avanquest Support

This is odd. 

I uploaded the whole site to a new folder on the server and it opened with no issues?!

Hi Phil,

there should be some of the permission settings of the remote folder (or files in the folder) preventing FTP Max from altering the existing content.

Normal file permissions are 755.

Kind regards,
Avanquest Support

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