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InPixio Photo Editor shows No Internet Connection

the program it will not download or install saying I need a internet connection but my internet is working ok

2 people have this problem

I had the sane problem at the same time. The down load will not run and now it will not let me try again as I have used up all my downloads. It is not my internet connection or my security ( I tried with it off) also I downloaded Powerdesk yesterday ok. I note this used a different installer.

I reported this same problem yesterday, my internet connection was working well with excellent connection. 

I've got the same issue and can't seem to resolve it.

InPixio Photo Editor Premium will not install on Windows 10, error message reads: you need to have a valid internet connection, I have tried switching off all security but still not installing.

Please advise

I'm trying to download on Windows 7 and get this message

Hello to all and thank you for your posts.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

This problem occurs due to some restriction somewhere between our server and your computers, most likely due to network providers firewall or some filter.

To amend the problem please kindly click -> here

This should download the product without any problems.

If the problem persists or you experience some other difficulty installing the product please feel free to open a ticket with us or send us an e-mail directly on

Best regards,

Avanquest UK Tech Support

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