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Powerdesk pro crashes every time File explorer starts in windows 10

When windows 10 upgraded itself to the anniversary version (v1607) powerdesk pro refused to start as it said the licence number was already in use. This was solved by the patch downloaded from this site but now powerdesk crashes every time a file explorer window opens i.e. every time I open a "save as" window in word or any save window pops up in any program or indeed if I open file explorer manually. This is really annoying as I have to keep opening powerdesk. the same thing happens on my Laptop and my work PC so it is not an individual set up problem

Any fixes yet?

Hello and thank you for this message.

Mostly PowerDesk comes with single user licence that allows the software to be installed on one computer only.

Answer to this question is published on our FAQ page, please see it here. In case you need assistance please submit new support ticket stating your licence number.

Single user licence number allows this software to be installed on one computer only. Please remove the software from control panel program list while computer is connected to the Internet so you may use the same licence again on another computer.

Kind regards,
Avanquest Support

I tried this patch but still same problem

Hi Alex,

I think you have misunderstood the problem. The problem you are referring to is powerdesk crashing when installed on more than one computer. ~The problem I am reporting is powerdesk crashing when Microsoft File explorer is opened - a completely different problem.

Hello Ajmal,
thank you for posting on Avanquest forum, please contact our technical support team with a quote of the licence number for the software you are having troubles with. Their direct email address is, they will help you to overcome this issue promptly.

Kind regards,
Avanquest Supprt

Hello Philip,

thank you for reply back on this topic.

Keep in mind that only the latest PowerDesk version is compatible with Windows 10. Please run Windows Update ( and apply all Important and optional updates (excluding language packs) available for your computer's system. When installation is completed, shut down (do not restart it) the computer. Upon booting up check for Windows Updates again, apply if any. Also make sure antivirus program database is updated to its latest release. Then use this direct download link here to obtain the latest setup file of PowerDesk Pro 9. Please right click on the link and select Save Link/Target As..., chose folder where to save it. After the download is complete, remove PowerDesk from control panel programs list and restart the computer. Then right click on the newly downloaded file and select option Run as Administrator.

Using copy-paste method introduce licence key in order to activate the software.

The above manipulation should rectify the sudden crash of PowerDesk. Please let me know how it goes by reply here.

Kind regards,
Avanquest Support 


What is Powerdesk's latest version? Mine is 9,0,2,3. If I needed to update it how do I go about it?

Live update tells me that Power desk is up to date but I'd like to confirm the the version number


mine is as well

Avanquest failed to actually include the link in the post above!

Hi Philip, hi Xavier,
the latest version of PowerDesk is
Link has been added to my post above. The software receive updates automatically.

No need to download it manually unless you have moved from prior version of Windows to Windows 10.

Kind regards,
Avanquest Support

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