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Trouble installing

I have just received Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe, and though my computer has allowed me to register it will not install, each time I try it tells me there is an error and that another installation is in progress. I purchased this through Amazon where it stated that it worked on windows 10, but notice on the case that system requirements only seem to go up to Vista; do I have the correct disc? and if I do how the hell do I install it?

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Hello Rosemary,
thank you for contacting Avanquest UK and leaving this post.

You do have the correct disc of Hallmark software, please install all pending Windows updates and then insert the disc of Hallmark Card Studio software and command it to install, while setup is copying all images and graphics there may not be an indication of process but the disc will remain spinning. This may take up to a 40 minutes do please be patient. Once all files are transferred over to the computer the installation will begin and once complete you will be notified with a message on the screen. If you command the software to start installing again before the initial installation completes, the system will tell you that another process is in progress.

Let us know if further assistance is needed.
Kind regards,
Avanquest UK Support

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