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Hallmark Card Studio 2010

Is it possible to adjust the programs desktop colours. My 95 year old Grandfather has very bad sight but continues to struggle on using your excellent software. Better contrast between background and text would be greatly appreciated.



Hello Paul,

thank you for leaving us this message.

Hallmark software doesn't provide personal high contrast settings fro better distinguish between colours.

Please try changing Windows personalised settings that allow High Contrast option. 
See this useful article explaining how to turn off and on High Contrast in all Windows editions -

Kind regards,
Avanquest UK Support

Hello Alex

Thanks for reply.

Have tried that in the past but has undesirable effects to other programs that are being used.

Will have to carry on as we are.



Hi Paul,

as mentioned that Hallmark doesn't provide high contrast settings, but Windows does. You can create new user account for Windows that uses high contrast theme and leave shortcut to Hallmark software on the desktop. All other software and Windows features use through the current user account as till now.

Kind regards,
Avanquest UK Support

Thanks for that. 

Yes that would work, but for Grandad, to confusing. 

Unfortunately his sight is deteriorating fast, and has now stopped using PC.

Didn't do to bad though. He is 95 after all.

Kind Regards


How do I change the colour of individual characters in the text

Hello Pamela and thank you for submitting question on Avanquest forum webpage.

Just like changing the colour of a middle word in a three-word-sentence by using the text tool three times to enter each word as separate object on the work-stage.
Use the text tools as many times as coloured letters in a word you are planning to paint. By entering single letter a object you can change its colour, font, size and position individually. Group it together with others so it remains aligned as being singular object with other letters in the word.

To group objects:

1 Select two or more objects on the workspace.

(Press Shift as you click each object, or press Ctrl+A to select all objects.)

2 Choose Object > Arrange > Group.

To ungroup objects:

1 Select the grouped object.

2 Choose Object > Arrange > Ungroup.

Kind regards,
Avanquest Support team

Thanks for your reply, I will see if I can manage now. Pam
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